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We are in the goldbook of brokers. To check our credit, please call:
Compunet Credit Services, Scott Nickel at 800-872-3748 ext 5208 or
e-mail him at snickel@corlogic.com

D. Gill Logistics has provided personal professional services for our shipping needs. They have shown flexibility to meeting the needs of our customers, delivering on schedule and make it a point to communicate the staus of a shippment. D.Gill Logistics give us confidence in thier capability by their integrity and proven service coupled with experience. Plastic Fab has no problem with recommending them as a carrier of choice.

- Randy Stewart, Plastic-Fab Inc.

Collins Pine Company has had the pleasure of doing business with D.GILL LOGISTICS for the past 10 years. In this time we have experienced a logistics supplier that walks their talk when they talk about customer service. An excellent company that represents us well when delivering our product to our customer. They lead not only in timely service but courtesy second to none in communications. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality carrier that stands above the others.

- Nick Falatovich, Logistics Manager, Collins Pine Company

The D. Gill Logistics team of associates is my core transportation support. During the eight years of business they have never let me down. I trust D. Gill Logistics and believe that they are doing their best to move my freight using dependable carriers at competitive rates. I recommend D. Gill Logistics and plan to use their services for years to come.

- Robert Nichols, Logistics Manager, Warmboard, Inc.  

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